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TEMPORARILY OPERATING OUT OF MUSTANG ISLAND, (Brenham operations postponed till 2023)

The Ultimate Port Aransas Skydiving Experience

Notice: Skydive Freedom is temporarily offering Destination-Quality Skydiving Adventures over the sandy beaches of Mustang Island/ Port Aransas! Combine your first jump into a Tropical Coastal Vacation!!

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Ready for the adventure of your life! - Skydive Near Houston

Welcome to Skydive Freedom. We can’t wait to take you on the thrill of your life 10,500 feet above the ground and flying down enjoying the Texas Triangle Scenery. We are a family and cozy business environment and offer individualized care to each tandem skydiver. We strive to offer a fun and safe experience of both freefall and under parachute. Book your Houston skydiving adventure with us now!

What to Expect

Upon Arrival

The day is finally here, You are about to have the experience of a lifetime!!! But first things first, once you arrive at the drop zone make your way to the office to check in, hopefully you have already filled your waiver online before today, if not we can do so at this moment (but honestly, who wants to deal with paperwork on a day like this?). You will also need a valid photo ID, complete any payments and choose your photo or video package to remember the day and share with friends & family (Trust us, it is worth it!!!)


Next stop is skydiving ground school where you’ll get an overview of the day and learn who does what. Here your instructor will explain the entire skydive process to you, start to finish, answering any of your questions along the way (and don't be shy, we bet you have a lot to ask and we are happy to clear the air for you!)


Now that you know how things work, your tandem instructor will fit you into your skydiving harness and goggles, and if you purchase a video or photo package, get camera ready, because this is your moment to shine as the interview will start at this time.


Once it is your turn to jump your instructor will walk with you to the plane, and guide you to your spot inside it. You will have a ride through the sky for about 20 minutes, enjoying the views from above. Once you reach 10,500 ft the door will open and you will experience the thrill of freefall for approximatelly 45 seconds reaching speeds up to 120mph. Once the parachute is open your tandem instructor will show you how to steer the parachute and you will get to fly around the sky for about 5 minutes. Once it's time for landing your instructor will take over the controls and bring you in for a smooth landing!


    Freaky Cheap Friday 11,000 FT


    Jump On The Beach 12,000 FT


    Tandem Jump 11,000 FT


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Business Hours: Friday-Sunday 8am-5pm

Phone Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am -5pm



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About Us


Mustang Island, TX 77423.

Business Hours: Friday-Sunday 8am-5pm

Phone Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-5pm

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